What if I forgot to drink contraceptive pill - the use of contraceptives

Waves theme for the modern woman has been and remains a topic of pregnancy prevention.Can not say that for a woman it is not desirable.Just all the time.And the best and quite a convenient tool for this are the modern contraceptive pills (hormonal).

Some time was very popular Western European commercial saying a lot in terms of not only sexual but also moral education.Mom, watching high school student in the school, kisses his daughter and puts her bag control pills.After all, in 16 years it can happen any longer.Why not do for a child just to avoid abortion!

Our girls, I think, not all in a row surrounded by such care.Yes, and they themselves do not tend to reflect on this.Of course, they do not argue that pregnancy "resolve", but certainly sometimes dismiss the thought, "I hope you're lucky - God will save ..." And have to know what God thought out and gave the people the sacrament of this process - the conception and birth of the new man.Therefore, it is bound to happen!

How to choose a contraceptive

What to do?Most buy contraceptives (the word is what!) - But self-medication is dangerous.And in most pharmacies offer to come to him with his mother.Go to the antenatal clinic?By chance you can meet someone from acquaintances.The output is still there - in our cities there are offices of family planning or maternal and child health centers, which will not give up in consultation.And if at the Centre even meet the teacher, you can always refer to the self.As a result, only praise.

scheme ingestion

How to take control

Taking contraceptive pills she could after her puberty.In the earlier period to do it does not make sense - pregnancy can occur only ripened in the sexual sense of the body.One tablet taken daily at the same time for 21 days or 28 days depending on the type of drug.If the package contains 21 tablets, their intake should start from the 1st day of menstruation till the moment when the package will remain empty.Then a break for 7 days.If the package contains 28 tablets - no need to take a break, and should immediately start taking the drug with a new package.After 21 minutes drunk tablets (that is the end of the cycle) for 7 days, the reaction is observed, such catamenial.

At a young age should start with those receiving drugs that contain hormones in small doses.And best of all, and to use condoms to protect against disease, and even sexually transmitted diseases.

Prevents forgetfulness

forgetfulness when taking tablets

With adult women easier - they know where to go, what to visit a doctor, how to take birth control pills.There is another problem - preventing forgetfulness and weak self-organization.The result is an irregular oral contraceptives.What if I forgot to drink contraceptive pill?

principle of action of the drug is that its concentration in the body must be maintained at the same level, so that its action is carried out continuously.

Note! If time does not take the correct dose of the drug, reducing its concentration can occur, and the probability of pregnancy is increased.Therefore, additional precautions, eg, use a condom., if the pills was interrupted for 2-3 days and more

barrier precautions against the backdrop of regular sexual relations are especially needed.And after 5-6 days of receiving renewed sex already permitted and without barrier protection measures.

missed pills you can drink when you remember about it, and should be taken on schedule, ie,for one day you take two tablets instead of one.this period of time the drug concentration is maintained, because the effect of the tablet is designed for at least 20 hours.It is believed that additional measures to prevent pregnancy is not necessary to take, if the delay was not taking the pill for more than 12 hours.

Skip receiving contraceptive

But there are times when passed 2 or 3 tablets (ie, two or three days missed).The doctor in this case advises missed two pills to drink as soon as it becomes possible, and the following method according to the schedule (that is, the next day) to take 2 tablets, too.For example, on Saturday and Sunday was missed reception.So, two tablets must be taken on Monday and Tuesday, two tablets.In such cases, frequent spotting that for you should be a signal to the application of additional protection measures.

Note! If you missed the reception 3 or more tablets, the use of additional measures is inevitable and necessary.Moreover, it should consider replacing this type of contraceptive for another.

detailed recommendations on how to improve the situation in the event of discontinuation of contraceptive, you can always read the manual that comes with any package of pills.Still, it never hurts to trust your doctor and consult if you have had a break from the medication.

should remember that in some drugs for a long time, there may be a reduction in their effectiveness.