Why driving legs during pregnancy - cramping in the legs

gestation period - this time, which is not only pleasing, but also alarming, requires female attention, responsibility and patience.Perestroika in the body can become a cause of such phenomena, which are unknown to the woman, so they are alarming and even frightening.It is important to remember the main thing - nothing is irreparable, so panic not for us.

Sometimes a pregnant woman experiencing sudden pain in the legs, which often catches up with her in a dream.Unable to do anything, not only surprise, but also from ignorance of what is going nature, a woman forced to bravely endure until the pain stopped.Finally waking up, she understands - it is cramp.It is accompanied by severe pain because muscle is sharply reduced and in no hurry to relax.It often happens that such reduction slowly grasps the nearby areas of the muscles, as if moving.This spasm is called "wandering."It is capable of even more puzzled, if not to say - to fainting scare.

Spasmodic contraction are well known not only for profe

ssional swimmers, but also for people who dip into the cool water of the rivers and other water bodies.The reason in this case is the body's reaction to a sharp temperature drop.In a warm bed of a pregnant woman is unlikely to happen such temperature jumps.What then is the reason?What happens in the muscles and from which there is such severe pain?

reasons convulsive pain

Vitamins and minerals during pregnancy

Just say that the course of pregnancy and the successful development of the fetus cramps negative no effect unless the future momnot succumb to panic from the fact that no one knows why reduces legs during pregnancy.

In terms of the mechanism of seizure - the strongest pain occurs due to voluntary contraction of the gastrocnemius muscle or muscles of the toes.If the causes of seizures explore more deeply, their nature is due to metabolic disorders in the body, which affects the relationship of muscles and nerves.And this is one of the main causes of seizures.

  • pregnant woman is never alone.In particular, during the meal.All she eats is divided into two.The baby in her womb also needs vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that it receives through the mother's placenta.Therefore, in its body some time intervals can be observed deficiency of nutrients.Sensible imbalance of minerals in the body of the pregnant woman often falls into two periods: the first trimester - the period of pronounced toxicity with a decrease in appetite, vomiting (a waste of nutrients);the second and third trimesters - the active growth and formation of fetal parts of the body (useful expenditure).In these times of rapidly rising expenditure or loss of micronutrients.The balance of minerals is considered impaired when the blood content of potassium, calcium and magnesium below normal, and sodium phosphate and - above normal.We can not allow a lack of vitamin and "B" in the diet, which also leads to spasmodic muscle contractions.
  • As the fetus grows in size increasing pressure of the uterus of a pregnant woman in the inferior vena cava and pelvic vessels.As a result of impaired blood flow in the veins of the legs.And this is another reason seizures.
  • Developed flat feet increases the load on the legs, on the leg veins, which can also lead to cramps.
  • Sometimes pregnancy is accompanied by swelling of various body parts.In such cases, it is shown receiving diuretics.Output from the body of excess fluid and inevitably leads to the conclusion of useful minerals.And their deficit, as we know, leads to seizures.
  • During pregnancy failure of the parathyroid gland may be responsible for maintaining calcium balance in the body, breach of which there is a painful contraction of muscles.
  • reason cramps may also be a reduction in blood sugar levels, which is accompanied by the wrong diet.
  • caffeinated beverages may also cause convulsive muscle contractions - coffee and tea stimulate the muscle, and thus keep them in suspense.
  • Smoking - another reason twitch calves shins due to the fact that it causes a lack of oxygen the body, affecting the condition of the muscles.
Note! balance of trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium - a vital condition for any organism.Their imbalance in the body leads to seizures.

How to avoid cramps in the legs

Power Control pregnant

To replenish the body with minerals in the diet is useful to include cheese, dairy products (55% calcium), sesame.Add potassium reserves may be due to bananas, dried apricots, potatoes, beans.Magnesium is developing in the womb the baby will get, if Mom will eat buckwheat, nuts, carrots, spinach, will be added to the dish greens, green onions.

not always the most correct diet can restore the disturbed balance in the body.This can always be achieved by using vitamin and mineral complex in tablets intended for nursing or pregnant women.

To reduce the risk of seizures, with high pregnancy preferred to sleep on the left side, to alleviate the pressure of the uterus.

Compression stockings for pregnant

probability of seizures increases significantly in the presence of a pregnant varicose veins or in the case of its development.It will help in such situations, wearing on their feet special tights or knee-supporting vein, or the use of safe lotions and creams for the feet.Useful are foot massage, foot bath with sea salt, which minimizes any stagnation in the vessels, often characteristic during pregnancy.

worth beware of violation of circulation of blood through the veins and prolonged tension leg muscles while wearing narrow or uncomfortable shoes, especially high heels.Cramps in these cases are quite expected.From this shoe is better to refuse.

Note! Receiving any whatsoever drugs in pregnancy should occur only with the doctor's permission and under his control.

Avoid late dinners and long periods of time between heavy meals.

How to get rid of the pain?

Gymnastics Foot

pain in the muscles at the twitching stop if the force muscles to relax.This can be achieved if the right to restore blood circulation in the limbs.Blood takes a muscle missing minerals cramp stop.Overcoming the pain should be careful and be sure to gently pull your toes toward you.Then gently let go and re-do the same thing several times.Try to walk, move your body weight on your heels, roll with the foot to the heel.

Exercises in convulsions

spasm is reduced if the muscle warm, and thus activate the circulation.To do this, the rear side of the lower leg (calf muscle) is necessary to massage (with edges to the center), or water the leg with warm water (40 ° C).

Note! appearance of nocturnal seizures - an occasion to talk to an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Together with him, you will learn exactly why driving legs during pregnancy, and will be assigned to appropriate treatment and be sure to achieve success in overcoming this extremely painful phenomenon.