How to transfer flight - how to transfer flight

Every day around the world, tens of thousands of people suppress the border regions and States through a variety of aircraft.And this is not surprising, because the plane is the most convenient and fastest transport, which allows a person to move from point A to point B in a very short period of time.

However, it is worth noting that this kind of movement is not only one of the fastest and most comfortable but also the most stressful of all existing traffic.After all, in-flight, many people feel all the slightest fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, which are inherent to such a great height.

addition, during long-distance flights the human body begins to experience great discomfort due to sudden climate change, time zone and long sitting in the same position.That is why, before you sit down in the plane, many people begin to worry in advance about how to move the flight.

traveler Rules

It is worth noting that for a man who has so health problems, air travel may contribute to the emer

gence of a variety of complications.Therefore, to make the most comfortable transfer flight, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. If possible, try to purchase plane tickets only in the first grade.Many people know that the economical flight option for several reasons, be carried by people much more difficult.
  2. As practice shows, bookable seats on the plane near the windows are the most profitable in terms of safe portability.
  3. If future passenger has a blood disease, cardiovascular system, varicose veins, asthma, and other serious illness, before you get on the plane, it is recommended to visit your doctor, who will prescribe additional drugs can significantly reduce the likelihood of complications during the flight.
  4. flight time to the people who first moved on the plane and did not know how to move the flight, immediately prior to take-off it is recommended to take one tablet of aspirin.In addition, it is advisable to bring your comfy slippers and then change the shoes in them.
  5. Before a long flight is not too lean on a rich and bold dinner.As a meal, you can use an easy and non-caloric meal, and immediately after landing tightly dinner.
  6. For an easier trip, many experts recommend to take herbal sedative and plunge into a deep sleep.
  7. If during takeoff and landings have ears pop, then it is advisable to bring your earplugs.
  8. Exactly ten days before the planned trip is recommended to respect the day of the time zone in which the planned flight.
  9. Never before and during the flight to consume any alcoholic beverages.This is due to the fact that in the process of alcohol intake in humans rapidly dilates blood vessels, which are therefore under enormous stress when the plane takes off or lands.
  10. Pregnant women in late pregnancy to fly on air transport is extremely undesirable.Especially if there is a threat of a stillbirth, or before it was child's experience of miscarriage.
  11. If you simply feel unwell or you often exacerbated chronic diseases, in such situations, doctors recommend to opt out of any air travel.It is better to lose a small amount of cash, rather than then to suffer from unbearable pain every day and lose your time to visit the expensive clinics.