How to get rid of bloating ( flatulence ) - causes gases

Many people are familiar with such a nuisance as bloating.For the disease characterized by a rather unpleasant feeling in the navel and below.In addition, during flatulence in humans may experience a feeling of heaviness and discomfort, as well as the constant and noticeable rumbling.

In order to understand how to get rid of bloating, you must first determine the true cause of gas in the intestines.

What causes flatulence

Changing Power

worth noting that from time to time suffer from this trouble more than seventy percent of the population of our country.In addition, it is assumed that the bloating, due to physiological characteristics, often occurs in the fair sex.

Thus, we consider the most common reasons why a person has gas in the intestines:

  • air.As you know, in the course of the meal in the human body gets a certain amount of gas, which in the future could affect the bowels.It should also be noted that the volume of swallowing air increases several times, if at the time
    of absorption of food a person talks too much.
  • Carbonated drinks.Many experts argue that it is sugar water with carbon dioxide directly contributes to bloating.
  • lot of fiber in apples Fiber.According to doctors, products that contain too much tissue, provoke bacteria in the gut to active, resulting in the body is formed an excessive amount of air.These ingredients are the following products: cabbage, beans, apples, bread, bran, etc.
  • Chronic or acute diseases of the digestive system.Often the cause of constant bloating are diseases such as polyps, intestinal dysbiosis, pancreatitis, ileus, colitis, liver cirrhosis, enteritis, etc.
  • Changing diet.There are cases when flatulence is due to the fact that a person abruptly changes their usual mode and diet.
  • Menstruation.Typically, the period before the onset of menstruation, many women prone to develop such troubles as flatulence.
  • Stress.Quite often, bloating occurs against a background of frequent disturbances, stress and depression.


Exercises with swelling

Before you get rid of bloating, it is necessary to analyze their eating behavior over the past two days.After all, in most cases, unbalanced diet causes this disease.

So, in order to completely forget what bloating, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Change the usual menu, which contains products that directly contribute to fermentation in the stomach.These ingredients often include a variety of semi-finished products, pastries, fresh bread, etc.
  2. During exacerbation bloating should minimize the use of raw fruits and vegetables, as they may cause even greater activity of bacteria which produce gases in the intestine.
  3. Stop using dishes prepared using frying.It is recommended to use products that have been processed by steam or a decoction on gas.
  4. avoid flatulence often recommended to exercise.This will help the person to recover not only the nervous and circulatory system, but also greatly improve the digestive system.
  5. In order to get rid of the regular bloating, many doctors recommend patients to forget about addictions.Indeed, in the course of smoking a person like air "chews", due to which the stomach from the brain receives information about the need to digest food, and, as we know, there is nothing to digest.These "dummy" enzymes constantly provoke flatulence.
  6. Mint broth often to get rid of bloating, many people resort to alternative medicine.As treatment, they can every day to drink a few glasses of broth with soothing plants such as lemon balm, mint, chamomile, aloe vera, fennel seeds, valerian, etc.
  7. almost always from flatulence saves the use of such a drug as activated carbon.Because we all know that these pills have absorbent properties, due to which all the signs of swelling disappear within a few hours.
  8. If flatulence occurs in women during menstruation, then it is necessary to use such tools, which significantly facilitate the menstrual and premenstrual syndrome.In addition, it is necessary to take extra vitamins, as well as magnesium and potassium.