How to survive the heat - Glamius

Recently, the summer season has become for many people, not just hot and rosy time of year, and some probationary period, which can make not everyone.After all, if the thermometer shows 37-40 degrees above zero, you should think about how to survive the heat without harming your own body.

As is known, if at the time of high temperature not to take any action to cool their body, then the person may be subject to the following risks:

  • sunburn, which can then provoke oncology;
  • thermal shocks;
  • dehydration.

is also worth noting that the intense heat can easily cause complications in people who suffer from kidney disease, cardiovascular system and other organs.That is why, if the street is unbearable heat, you should always take care of the presence of special clothing and means against sunburn before you leave home.

seven important rules of behavior in the hot weather

What to Wear in the heat
  • Clothing.In order to figure out how to survive the heat, we need only look at those so
    uthern countries, where such intolerable weather lasts all year round.Of course, wear turbans and long robes is not necessarily, however, some things you can still borrow.For example, many experts recommend in the hot days use only cotton or linen, bright shades.These things are perfectly breathable and absorb sweat.

Headgear in the heat
  • Headgear.It is not necessary in hot weather to go out without panama, caps, hats, etc.After an active sun is only half an hour cause a heat stroke, after which the person for a long time will come to normal.It should also be noted that it is essential to wear headgear made of breathable material and light shade.
  • Shoes.During the heat is recommended to wear only a light and open shoes that will not impede the free access of air to the legs.In addition, women are not desirable to use for walking high heels, and men closed shoes or sneakers.

drink more water
  • large amount of water.To avoid dehydration, it is necessary to drink on a hot day at least four liters of purified water.It is also worth noting that a good save from thirst various chilled juices of grapefruit, oranges, grapes, etc. light. But to drink pomegranate, you must be cautious, because this fruit grain hard enough to increase the density of the blood.In addition, during the heat is allowed to drink hot tea, mineral water without gas or lightly salted water.Many people mistakenly believe that to solve the problem with a thirst for them will help sweet drinks or ice-cold beer.However, it is fundamentally wrong, because the data beverages are not only a greater desire to drink them, but also contribute to the common cold and can even trigger tachycardia and hypertensive crisis.
  • Food.In order to survive the heat, replace the usual abundant food light milk and vegetable broth.In addition, the need to be fed once a day, and only small portions.

Cooling air-conditioned apartments
  • conditioners.This technique is very effective rescue tool against the unbearable heat.
  • Exercise.The heatwave is not necessary to load a heavy physical work or exercise.At such times better quietly go about their business that do not require much effort.

Thus, compliance with all of the above rules of conduct will allow you as comfortable as possible to survive the summer heat without any unfortunate consequences.