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leisure time involves rest and entertainment.We usually plan their weekends and their leisure time.But there are times when free time is formed suddenly.Brazen comes when we do not wait.Then there is the question "What to do?".Nobody wants to spend time in vain.You can, of course, lie on the couch watching TV or in bed, but our life is short and so, and I want to have time to everywhere to see everything and try everything.Let's look at some options for what to do when there is nothing to do.

make your home cleaner

restore order in the apartment

In every house there are places that require cleaning.If you have the all-clear, then check out the kitchen cabinets or the pantry.Surely, something that will not lie, and it will be an occasion to "turn" the whole house, scraping and rubbing all to shine.Windows or mirrors always require special care.Crystal Hill in children's toys or dust collectors are known, so will not be superfluous once they wipe or wash.


occupation favorite thing

leisure time - a great excuse to indulge in their favorite pastime.Hobbies have virtually everyone.Someone who likes to read or knit, and someone goes on a fishing trip or shopping.But if you have not decided on their favorite pastime, then it's time to do it!Think about what activity is most gives you pleasure?What brings you joy and gives relaxation?Modeling pots?Great!Painting?Perfectly!

Love reading

Like reading books

Books can inspire, can absorb, can enchant.Conventional, electronic or audio books - it all depends on your choice.But they are equally open to you all their mysteries, secrets, will tell about the most intimate.If you do not know what to read, look at the Internet's top most popular works and choose from them.Undoubtedly, an interesting journey into the world of literature will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions and experiences.

If the book you do not like, then read something on the Internet, such as Wikipedia.Just select the desired section and delve deeper into pictorial images that reflect the meaning of the article.Enhance and improve their knowledge.Hone skills.There is no desire to read?Go to the page with the psychological tests.Everyone loves to learn about yourself something new.Online you can find a mountain of a wide variety of tests, ranging from standard like "Who are you: a pessimist or an optimist / extrovert or introvert?" And ending with a special kind of "Can you save?" Or "How do you become a parent?".These tests will not only occupy their free time, but also provide a better understanding of yourself.

get rid of their weaknesses

Practising handwriting

Surely you have something when it was impossible to do.In the resulting free time to do training session weaknesses of his personality.For example, you ugly handwriting, or you do not know how to beautifully express their thoughts.Oratory is best to learn from the mirror.Dancing, cooking, weaving beads and much more - all takes practice and skill.So do not waste a minute of free time doing.

«About Sports!You - Life »

Sports, when you have nothing to do

Familiar to all from childhood phrase!.Indeed, the sport gives good spirits and in good physical shape.It is advisable to engage in fitness, or go to the gym is scheduled classes.Just do not overwork.

Lately we hear calls for a healthy way of life everywhere, but nevertheless young people from this ceases not to drink alcohol and smoke at doorways.It is a pity, a great pity that this is happening.Therefore, free time is best to devote sporting activities.No matter what you do, boxing, fitness, skiing, Callanetics or jogging, you can even just walk around the park or stadium.The main thing - this movement.Beneficial effect on the entire body trek to the pool.Water - a source of joy, she picks up the alarm, makes the body light and gives a lot of fun.

Speaking of parks

Walk in the Park

In his spare time, you can just walk, if the weather permits.Fresh air, sun rays or bright fires of autumn trees help to tune in a positive way.In addition, in the park you can meet interesting people, their hznakomyh.Call

its second half

conversation on the phone

Undoubtedly, half an hour fly by, perhaps an hour or two.In any case, talk with your loved one will bring only the most positive emotions and lift your spirits.The person who realizes that love and love can move mountains.So do not shelve this important activity, as a call to your loved one.Perhaps he will tell you an idea of ​​what to do when there is nothing to do.

Boredom does not have to be boring.It all depends on what mood you possessed at that moment, what you can do, and what you want.