What to do if you break a thermometer - crashed mercury thermometer

Probably many of us at least once in their lives broken thermometers.After all, do it unintentionally easier: just shake the thermometer next to furniture or appliances.For many this has happened, but what if the thermometer has broken, do not know everything.The article tells all you need to remember that hazardous elements such as mercury and better if you tell these recommendations to all your friends and acquaintances.

Mercury poisoning can lead you to the fact that you have to go to hospital.If such poisoning is left untreated, the problems can be even more serious - damage to the nervous system and kidneys.If you accidentally broke a thermometer, the main thing - do not panic, it is necessary to do everything very quickly and correctly, and in a state of stress you have is unlikely to succeed.

Harvesting mercury

mercury cleaned apartment

Before you begin this procedure, wear rubber gloves, because the substance is in any case should not touch your skin.All households need t

o drive out of the room, or better yet all of the apartments.This is especially true of animals and children can soles of their sneakers and feet spread a dangerous substance for the whole apartment area.

Try as much as possible carefully collect all the mercury in a thermometer and a part of jar of glass.It is first necessary to fill with cold water.Note that you need to find a tight screw cap, all to ensure that the substance does not evaporate.Do not place the jar next to the heating panels and devices.

If you see that the mercury broke up into very small droplets, collect them using a syringe, sheets of paper, newspapers, soaked in water, an adhesive tape or a rubber bulb.In order to remove absolutely all spheres of matter, it is necessary to secure a good light with the help of a lantern or lamp.The Bank, in which you have collected mercury, should be given to skilled service "101".

Once removed mercury


Well you and have collected all traces thermometer and mercury, but that's not all.Then you should definitely open the doors and windows to air the premises happened.Before a substance is fully assembled, try to provide complete isolation from the draft.Otherwise, the mercury beads scatter around the room and collect them will be much harder.

place where just spilled substance is to process a concentrated solution of bleach or potassium permanganate.This step will help oxidize mercury, and it will lead to the fact that it will lose the ability to fly from place to place.If you realize that you have at home there is neither the one nor the other funds, prepare a solution of 70 grams of grated soap, soda and 40 grams per liter of water.

You in the apartment with wooden floors and between the boards are countless gaps?Then you know that there is a great likelihood that a couple of drops of silver hidden somewhere in the inaccessible places.The bad news is that when exposed to room temperature, they will exert their negative impact.We'll have to disappoint you, but in this situation there is only one way out - to remove the old floor and lay new.Another option to get rid of harmful mercury is not there.

What to do next

What to do after collecting the mercury

Once collected all the mercury in the bank, be sure to call in emergency situations.Until such time as experts put it on the balcony did not arrive.But it should be done only if the weather outside is colder than inside.If the outside hot summers make the mercury in any case it is not necessary, because otherwise you run the risk of even more poisonous vapors.Immediately drink plenty of fluids to drink and continue periodically until the bank does not take away.To do so due to the fact that the withdrawal of the mercury formations from the body is via the kidneys.

If you do not have confidence in the fact that even after the air became completely clear procedures, is to carry out laboratory tests of the atmosphere in your home.To do this, you need to apply to the regional centers of hygiene and epidemiology.

What not to do

What not to do with mercury

Do not sweep the broom substance: his rigid rods will only make things worse.They razmelchat silver balls in even smaller, if not imperceptible.

also can not be vacuumed and mercury air, which is blown by the vacuum cleaner, makes the evaporation of the liquid metal is even easier.Moreover, the device is an urgent need to throw away after the procedure.

Do not wash those clothes and shoes, which comes into contact with the mercury, in the washing machine.Naturally, hands to do it, too, is contraindicated.It is better not to regret and throw things.Do not flush the toilet or mercury in water: the substance is deposited on the sewage pipes, and remove it from there - an incredibly difficult task.

Want guaranteed to avoid the possibility of a thermometer break and get into this situation?Then buy a digital thermometer.Yes, the price has a higher, but will have no reason to worry about that in your home can be mercury.