Symptoms of pregnancy in the early days - the first signs

test shows two purple stripes?Congratulations!You are pregnant!

But sometimes it happens that the test stubbornly demonstrates one strip, and you're almost a hundred percent sure of your "interesting situation", because all the signs of pregnancy in the first few days (or most of them), as they say, is obvious.


delay monthly

first and most speaking feature - menstruation.There is often confusion as not all women have their body strictly observes the one and the time period (cycle time) between periods.Therefore, in order not to guess every month "of pregnancy - is not pregnant", and not to waste money on tests, better get yourself a pocket calendar and mark it the arrival days of menstruation.But if the delay is for more than 3 days and you are not moving from town to town, do not hurt something serious (especially with fever), did not experience stress, is to ensure the presence or absence of two slips on test.

However, in some cases, minor bleeding in the days when they

had to go monthly, and may be accompanied by the first months of pregnancy.In these cases it is recommended to address to the gynecologist to ensure normal fetal development.


constant fatigue during pregnancy

second, but no longer a clear sign - is fatigue.You can easily (and dramatically) to end all the power to perform even the most basic household chores, let alone the rise on foot on a small hill or stairs to the second floor equates to quite a feat.And you remind yourself increasingly bear in hibernation.Do not worry, everything is fine, just the body to rebuild in full gestation pregnancy requires a lot of energy mode, so it saves on your physical activity.If you have too severe fatigue and cravings for sleep (eg, falling asleep at his desk at work), you should take a sick leave.Try this time not to drive the car (the driver charge duties to her husband, or use a taxi), due to the scattered attention not to get into an accident.

Be prepared for the fact that fatigue can last the entire first trimester (first three months of pregnancy), so after learning about his "interesting position", set aside as much as possible all the complex and difficult case "for later" (or delegate them to someone-nibud).Even if you do nothing you can not do because of the desire of eternal sleep without remorse, because right now you are doing the most important job in life - you are carrying his child.If someone will bring you to claim and resent you "sleep for two", recommend him to read the book by William and Martha Sears "In anticipation of the baby" to ensure natural accompanies your pregnancy fatigue.


Toxicosis first weeks of pregnancy

third sign of pregnancy in the first few days - is a small (or strong), nausea, and sometimes vomiting - they mark the beginning of toxicity (not verya pleasant companion of pregnancy, which is not to be confused with food poisoning).From morning sickness perfectly helps grapefruit juice with pulp.If you do not find the juice in the store, simply, eat a piece of grapefruit in the morning or every time when a feeling of nausea during the day.The intensity of feelings of morning sickness, which, incidentally, can easily drag on for the whole day, it is very individual and depends on the specific features of the female body.Some women do not experience discomfort in any of the months of her pregnancy.

In severe cases, when due to vomiting, your body leaving you eaten all the food, you need to seek immediate medical attention: receiving special drugs will loosen retching and establish digestion).

When symptoms of morning sickness in any case can not be hungry - it will only exacerbate the cycle of nausea and vomiting will cause severe the next time you try to eat.

Poor health or toxemia

Pregnant women with morning sickness can soothe yourself awareness of the following fact, proved midwives: "Bad feeling in the morning often speak about the development of a healthy and strong baby"(this is in addition to one more statement: "Pregnancy without problems today - a rarity, but the birth of a healthy child in the absence of toxicity - is a pattern").Simply put, all your bad feelings (or lack thereof) - it is the norm for your body, where in your body to create the most favorable conditions for the development of the crumbs.

good news: morning sickness in 95% of cases end with the onset of the fourth month of your pregnancy.One morning you find that you are already quite sick.

In addition to the signs of pregnancy in the first few days can be safely attributed suddenly appeared aversion to alcohol, coffee, certain smells and cigarette smoke.So child protection mechanism is triggered in the female body.Listen to your subconscious mind and not to stuff yourself to harmful substances crumbs (it is easier to quit smoking than the rest of his life to reproach himself for health spoiled child).And do not forget that passive smoking when people smoke next to you, too, causing irreparable harm to the baby.

In addition to the above signs of pregnancy in the first few days can be attributed to a particular food cravings - so your body is urgently needed to compensate for the lack of full development crumbs substances.You can pull on the salty, sweet, or you just can not drink apple juice, etc .. Do not be surprised, if you want to eat before you unloved products, vegetables or fruits.And in any case, do not deny your body in such a small whim.

Rarely, but sometimes

temperature during pregnancy

At the signs of pregnancy in the first few days do not end there.

Less common signs include increased slightly (up to 37,2-37,3 ° C) body temperature, not accompanied by either a cough or runny nose.In this case, if the test shows the two strips should have a blood test and visit a therapist to avoid the occurrence of the disease.

If you are planning a pregnancy and look forward to its occurrence, further hand over a blood test HCG: he will tell you about your interesting position within 6-10 days after fertilization, that is, before the "work" urine analysis test.