Can pregnant women take a bath - a bath in pregnancy

Pregnancy - is not a disease but a normal condition of the female body.But still worth a little during pregnancy limit their habits, so as not to harm the baby.This particularly applies to procedures such as a bath, shower and sauna, in which there is a sufficiently strong thermal effect, both on the mother and the child.So whether it is possible for pregnant women to take a bath?

heat or hot

Warm or hot water

course completely abandon water treatment during pregnancy is impossible.But you are too accustomed to replace the hot water in the bath or shower to vodichku poprohladnee not just possible, and even necessary.The fact that recent studies have shown that long-term increase (up to 39 degrees Celsius), body temperature - up to such a limit is usually increased our temperature by a half-hour visit to the hot tub, sauna and shower - in the first trimester of pregnancy may increase the risk of spinal malformations inchild.At the same time the greatest danger of the baby is expose

d at the end of the first - the beginning of the second month of pregnancy.

Check the temperature of the water in the bath

water temperature in the bath

«Hot Tub" - a concept that the individual for each of us, so the answer to the question: "Is it possible for pregnant womentake a bath? "is strictly personal (of course, in the general limits) for each expectant mother.

So, first of all, doctors recommend to determine the temperature of the water is not "by eye", and using a special thermometer.Mom can buy it at the drugstore or the department of children's goods - it is then useful to her bathing crumbs after his birth).

So when the water temperature at 39 degrees pregnant woman should not be in the bath or shower for more than 15 minutes (during which time her body had not have time to warm up to a dangerous point).Heating the water even further (up to 40 degrees and above) are generally not recommended.

Although, as practice shows, the majority of women subconsciously feel "extra" body overheating and leave the bath at the right time.


Pregnancy and sauna

If you - a lover of saunas, during pregnancy, limit her visit ten minutes.This is the time period the doctors today is considered safe for pregnant women.But in any case, before you go into the sauna, be sure to consult your gynecologist watching.It is possible that a doctor for you prohibit thermal treatments at one time or another during pregnancy.


Precautions while taking a bath

If your pregnancy is without complications, and a sauna or a hot bath to help you relax, you do not deprive yourself of this pleasure today.But do not forget to take some precautions:

  • urgently stop the thermal effect, if it makes you uncomfortable (ie the body heated up to dangerous temperatures) - was hard to breathe, much reddened skin, dizzy, it becomes sleepy,image swam before his eyes, quickened breathing, etc .;
  • limit time in the hot tub (no more than 10-15 minutes) and keep it in the water temperature no higher than 38 degrees Celsius;
  • spend in the sauna is not more than 8-10 minutes, leaving her at the slightest deterioration of health;
  • remember that short but frequent immersion in a bath of hot water is much safer than a single long stay in the water (it is better to take a bath twice a day for 10 minutes, than risk the health of the baby at twenty-one minute you are in hot water);
  • try not to sink into the hot water in the tub completely - a large part of your body should be above the water level, to avoid overheating;
  • not go to the bathroom, if no one is home (in case of deterioration of state of health, you may be be difficult to get out of the bath alone and need someone's help);For the same reason, being "interesting position" never close the bathroom door on the latch;
  • bed in front of the bathroom non-slip rubber mat - so you reduce the probability of its fall;
  • never sauna alone.

Warm water

warm bath during pregnancy

we understand with hot water.But is it possible for pregnant women to take a bath with warm water?It turned out that it is not only not prohibited, but is often recommended by doctors as a way to relax, especially in the final months of pregnancy, when because of weight gained back gets tired or reduces foot.It is true here too there are contraindications, so it is all the same to clarify the matter with the gynecologist.

However, in any case, during pregnancy:

  • before visiting a bath or shower, make sure that the bathroom works well ventilation (or leave the door slightly ajar)
  • should not use bath foam (it will make a bath more slippery and dangerousfor you);
  • to be safe and not risk in vain, leave the bath only with someone's help;
  • not wash bath with chemical cleaning agents (outsource it to someone from home);
  • enjoy clean warm water in the bathtub, leaving it as soon as used the soap and shampoo (this will avoid contact with dirty water);
  • purchase a special suction cup-handle for easy lifting of the bath.