How to increase the lips - an increase in the home

Lips say a lot about a person.Thin lips represent anger, pouting - sensuality.Statistics says that men just pay attention to the lips, and then everything else.

Plastic surgery works wonders.Make more now can not only breast but also other parts of the body.Click to enlarge lips can be in almost every beauty salon or clinic.There are several ways to increase the lips.The clinics use hyaluronic acid injections or implants for lip augmentation.Hyaluronic acid allows you to "cheat" his lips almost painless.The negative effects from the use of such injection is unlikely, because this acid is a natural substance and is not rejected by the human body.During the year, the substance dissolves and disappears.

implants for lip augmentation may serve as adipose tissue, which are taken from the patient's body.In this case, the process takes longer.The likelihood of rejection by the body new cells is low.The operation has the effect of a year or two.Synthetic materials are also used in medical practice by

increasing the lip.The doctor will determine the right when viewed under the oval face shape of the lips and the quality of the material from which the implant is made.The effect of such an operation longer, but the risk of rejection by the body new cells is very high.

Despite the low complexity of the operations to increase lip, cases of adverse effects recorded.

How to increase lips at home

There is a certain set of exercises, doing that regularly, you can achieve lip augmentation without surgery and doctors.

Exercises for lip augmentation

Exercises for lip augmentation Before doing the exercises, you need to rinse your mouth with warm water and wash.To begin with ten times, gradually increasing the repetitions to twenty-one.

  1. fish breathes.Strong pull forward the lips and mouth slightly open, close your lips, then relax.
  2. Camel lunch.Move the lips from side to side, without opening his mouth.Complete exercise "eight".
  3. Frog catching a butterfly.Slightly open your mouth a little and stick out your tongue as far as you can.Freeze in this position for three seconds, remove the tongue and relax.
  4. Elephant blowing on a dandelion.Pull the lips forward and exhale sharply, if you want to extinguish the flame of a candle or blow away dandelion.Then relax, taking a starting position.
  5. shorthead produces fountain.Dial a deep breath and inflate the cheeks, lips folded tube.Slowly blowing air, complete exercise sharp exhalation Repeat two or three times.
  6. Wolf sings moon.Slowly chant the vowels A, U, O. Then take a deep breath, her cheeks inflate and start to breathe the air, polusomknuv sponge.The sound is similar to the buzz at low frequency, causing vibration in the lips.
  7. Smile like a cat.Type in a lungful of air, and at the expense of the "six" strong blows it across the lips, having closed them in a tube.Relax your muscles, open your mouth, stretching her lips into a smile as much as you can.Try to lift the lips while on dentition.
  8. whistles.For five minutes, try whistling some tune.Avoid dissembling and "sound" at regular intervals.

Makeup for lip augmentation

Makeup for lip augmentation

Lips can be increased visually.This goal will help achieve thoughtful makeup.

In the majority of such make take a line drawn in pencil just above the line of the lips themselves.But this is not quite true.This method leads to the fact that her lips look like painted.

few tips that this will not happen:

  1. For visual lip augmentation is necessary to use a pencil and lipstick only light shades.
  2. If necessary, use a dark lipstick should be in the center of the lips apply a little gloss on the lighter shade of lipstick.Unclear highlight give fullness lips.

Some ways lip care line to help align and give a bit of fullness.

Massage for lip augmentation

Massage for lip augmentation the morning, you can massage the lips.For this purpose, use a soft toothbrush and honey.Spread the lips of honey and then massage them with a brush for a minute or two.Honey contains many nutrients that will improve the condition of the lips themselves and enhance their color.

Beauties Ancient Russia to massage the lips with the help of snow.In our time it means everything is also effective.The procedure consists of two alternating steps.In one hand should be snow, and in the other - warm water.Alternately applying one or the other's hand to his lips, you will create the effect of a contrast shower.This change in temperature has beneficial effects on blood circulation, stimulating it.

Nowadays you can freeze fruit juice in the molds for ice and massaging their lips.During the procedure, you can massage the face, creating a drainage effect, improves blood circulation and skin color becomes more saturated.