Why nightmares - nightmares

Human dreams can be called one of the most mysterious and unexplored areas of the human psyche.Experts divide all nightmares at night terrors and nightmares.For the average person, it would seem, such a division is quite obvious.But from the point of view of medicine, these two kinds of terrible dreams are quite different.

nightmare or fear

Nightmares and night terrors

Nightmare - horror that most dreaming is in a phase of deep sleep, including late at night.These dreams usually have a very intricate and interesting plot.When a person wakes up in the morning, most of it pretty well remembers that he had a dream.

Yes, this dream brings a lot of horror, but woke up to people very rarely feel any vegetative reactions of the body (heart palpitations and cold sweats).

Night fear is a completely different nature.According to research scientists, there it is in a phase of deep sleep where no dream at all should not be.in the field of sleep experts believe that sleep in such moments i

s faced with some new information flow.Most often

night terrors occur in the first part of the night, about an hour after the man had fallen asleep.In contrast to the nightmare, night terrors are not some kind of plot, and its effect lasts only a minute or two.But even such a time is enough to scare the sleeping man almost to death.


Causes nightmares

We will not consider the psychological causes of nightmares, this is a purely professional sphere.But as it turns out, terrible dreams can dream even for such reasons:

  • low levels of sugar in the blood can cause nightmares, so often they occur exactly at the end of sleep, when the blood sugar level is low;
  • physical exhaustion can cause a lowering of the immune system and the adrenal organism.Therefore, there may be frightening dreams;
  • very common cause of nightmares is a disease.When the brain is overheating due to the heat, this leads to terrible dreams.Furthermore, the reason for this phenomenon can be and various disorders of the respiratory system.When you sleep, and you can not breathe, sleep may be that you are short of breath;
  • heavy, full day of stress can also be the reason that you had a nightmare.Often it is these days after a person has a desire to go back later and maybe drink a little alcohol to relax.But a mixture of stress hormones and alcohol also leads to the fact that the fall in the level of blood sugar.Would you like to aggravate the situation further?Then watch a scary movie before bed.Nightmare In this case, you will be virtually guaranteed.