Why twitching eye - causes a nervous tic eyes

often occur days, when in the morning I just do not for a single moment to rest: early, late going to bed, constant twitching boss - just not passing the stress, besides the house and do not forget about their problems.Yes, relax in such a situation is impossible.Just everything is so often becomes the cause of eye twitching, or a nervous tic.Most likely, you will not notice the time when the small-small tremor occurs in the eyelid or under it.Suppose first that this is not very noticeable, but the surrounding and did not see it, but then you start badly distracted and annoyed about it.It is good when the eye stops twitching by itself, but it happens, and so that day has already passed, a week or two, and an involuntary shiver all the way and did not disappear, and you start to poison the life greatly.

Reasons phenomenon

Neuralgia eye

Such involuntary, but very annoying eye movement muscles that well, did not get to settle on their own, called a nervous tic.It is a neuralgic issue rel

ated to any neuralgic disease.

tic can be both primary and acquired problem.The causes of twitching eyes or muscles century are quite simple.The nervous system serves spurious pulse that makes permanently reduced muscle group or one muscle.Over time, this muscle, which is in incessant work, tired, and appearing pain.

One of the reasons why twitching eyes, we have already established.But if all this is considered somewhat broader then we can understand that the blame for this situation may be a head injury, and any infectious disease that has been transferred even in the very distant past.As you know, nothing passes without a trace, so what happened even a very long time, over time can affect our body.

In today's time the reason that explains the twitching eye - this frantic pace of our lives, the lack of a specific mode of work and recreation, physical constants, and more importantly, emotional stress.People are struggling to run ahead of time, completely forgetting about their own health.

And what is the result?Depression, neurosis, constant aggression, apathy and completely unbalanced psyche.Yes, stay calm and balanced person in such circumstances is virtually impossible.Now you know that the reason why, twitching left eye, for example, a great many.

Stress Relief

There are several options to help relieve tension and a little "shake" your body, moving it from a state of nervous stasis.

Most likely, you will not be opening, if you learn that you must settle your own daily routine, sleep and rest.It is important that you have had enough sleep.Also, try to diversify the diet of their food, turn to him the fruit and voschi, lots of greenery.All of these products contain not only the vitamins, but also many minerals which are needed in order to maintain correct operation of your body.

If you notice, and you are very concerned about why the right eye twitches, this suggests that not all of your body quite well.Try to leave at the time of the decision the most difficult and nerve problems, and just try to relax (visit the salon, go to the beach, even just to sleep).

When you relax, you feel that your problem is terrible and not so terrible.And most importantly, you will pass this nasty nervous tic.

likely to do you can not determine the reason for which you have an eye twitch.After all, each person is individual.But if the cause is known to you, then know that to remove a nervous tic, you can only cure the disease, or by removing the problem that it provokes.

When you treat, try in any case to stay cool, supercool, and in general in any way to provoke your own body.Otherwise, easy to get something much more terrible than simple tics.

If you have followed all the recommendations completely, and the eye has not stopped twitching, should still see a doctor.You do not know who to ask?Best of all you will approach a specialist neurologist, because these seemingly minor symptoms may be the harbinger of a rather serious illness.So time is not overlooked.

What to do when twitches eye

First Aid neuralgia eye
  1. very important to understand that if you do not will set out to calm down and relax, canIt is that the tics become only the first manifestation in your body fails.It is important, though not easy, to pull himself together.Think about your health.
  2. Then take for more active measures, namely, propyl full course of drugs or sedatives herbal infusions such as chamomile, valerian, and more.
  3. to eye stopped twitching, it is important to relax: close your eyes tightly and take a very deep breath.Then open your eyes.You must repeat this exercise at least 5 times.Do not ignore this simple method, because it is great to relax the nervous system.
  4. very important to get enough sleep.Try to go to bed early, at least 2 hours before you do it usually.And during the day (if possible) you can afford to arrange short breaks for minutes 15.
  5. Some people quite quickly helps to remove the tick mere blink.Just blink for a minute, often frequently.
  6. very great strain to the eyes can be caused by the ongoing work at the computer.Try a little bit to reduce the time spent by him.
  7. Another reason twitching eyes - lack of magnesium in the body.After all, this is the element responsible for that person's nervous system works smoothly and without disruption, it also removes the excitement of neurons.In order to get a normal amount of magnesium, eat watermelon, fish, bananas, peas, beans, rye bread and chocolate.
  8. Try not to fall into any stressful and conflict situations.Try to keep your own health.