Can I smoke during pregnancy - smoking during pregnancy

Begun several years before conception, smoking may have no effect on fetal development and the health of the woman.But smoking, starting in the second trimester, a very adverse impact on the child and increases the risk of abnormalities in the fetus.The consequences of smoking often protrude from the uterine bleeding, miscarriage, premature detachment of the placenta and the bursting of membranes, preterm delivery.

Pronounced association between smoking pregnant woman and the baby weight.In most cases, have a low birth weight babies born to smoking mothers.Shortage of body weight acts as a cause of many childhood diseases, and in rare cases - the death of the baby after birth.

Risk Factors

Answering the question "Is it possible to smoke during pregnancy?" Should consider all possible risk factors.

  1. Effects on embryo Effects on the embryo.Babe environmental tobacco smoke, when my mom smokes.A small heart beats quickened, not getting the right amount of oxygen, which contributes to it
    s abnormal development.In rare cases, the baby may be born even with hypoxia of the brain.This happens because the placenta carbon dioxide has free access through the mother's blood.Blood saturated baby them to a greater extent than oxygen.Up to the twelfth week of pregnancy lasts embryonic period, follows him - fetal.The first ultrasound examination falls on the first or second month of fetal development.Scientists have found that tobacco smoke are more prone to male embryos.Therefore, women awaiting the birth of a boy, are more prone to dysfunctional development of pregnancy.
  2. influence on the course of pregnancy.There is a growing risk of miscarriage and premature birth.Women who smoke are often born dead children.This happens for the same reason, the lack of oxygen in the blood.Breathing - this is the most important function of the human body.Future person is simply vital to get the right amount of oxygen.
  3. Effects on the newborn.Women who smoke babies are born with low birth weight, which leads to the development of many diseases, and the frequency of their occurrence.Defective development of the fetus is also characterized mainly women smokers.Some diseases are irreversible.
  4. The impact on older children The impact on older children.Smoking harms the mother not only developing in the womb of her new little man, but also older children who are around her.Regular inhalation of tobacco smoke contributes to the inhibition of the reaction and the central nervous system of students.
  5. mother Smoking harms your body.By destroying their lungs and other vital organs, it deprives your body's ability to operate properly.vascular narrowing that occurs with smoking, inhibits circulation.The heart begins to work in a more intensive rhythm.
  6. impossible to pass by cancer.Smoking mother at risk of developing cancer, not only themselves, but also her unborn child.These children belong to the group of people predisposed to cancer.

How to behave properly?

Quitting smoking

Before you conceive a child, it is necessary to give up their bad habits, including smoking.Quit smoking after learning about the pregnancy, it is not recommended.Female body is accustomed to a regular dose of nicotine.It is therefore desirable in the first trimester to reduce the dose to a minimum, to prepare the body to give up tobacco.

often make this step easy.Physical and psychological dependence is a guarantor of continued smoking.But the possible mental and physical disabilities have a new man - a sufficient incentive for many women.