How to get rid of lichen - get rid of stripping at home

term "ringworm" appeared in the days of Hippocrates, he called ringworm various rashes, which were accompanied by peeling of the skin.The term "ringworm" is considered to be a generic term for various diseases of the skin causes, and clinical signs.For example: eczema called weeping ringworm, psoriasis is called psoriasis, trihofitia - is ringworm.

Besides pharmaceutical products, there are many ways to treat this trouble:

Folk remedies to get rid of various types of lichen, lishaynyh rashes:

  • Bee honey with salt - this tool is advised to treat scrofulous lichen.It appears around the mouth in the form of pellets.It occurs when scrofula disease.If lubricated with honey and salt, quickly ringworm disappears.
  • Pouring hot water - this method is effective against dry red, not depriving the spiral.It is necessary to wash with hot water 2 times a day for 3 minutes, and 2-3 days to appear improved, and a couple of weeks it will disappear altogether.
  • Pasta Lassara.Most often, lichen planus is on the muc
    osa, rarely spreads throughout the body.It is an itchy nodules.In this case, you will paste Lassara.It consists of: salicylic acid - 2 parts by weight, zinc oxide - 25 parts of rice starch - 25 parts, yellow vaseline - 48 parts.
  • Raw beetroot.Used in the treatment of lichen red spiral that looks like strings, mainly happens on the hands.Recommend Grate beets and attach to deprive, periodically replacing a fresh beets.
  • Treatment "horse" stripping - it does not pass the red spots that occur on the feet.It is necessary to put in cheesecloth and squeeze the horse manure all the muck, and squeeze to fit spots.
  • Soot.It is necessary to make a decoction or liniment of soot.Treatment should be continued from 5 to 7mesyatsev.

Common folk remedies that treat a variety of diseases, called "ringworm»

Folk remedies for depriving

not know how to quickly get rid of robbing?Try these tools:

  1. birch charcoal, garlic, burdock root.We must first rub the sore spot of garlic, and then rubbed birch charcoal, mixed with fresh juice of burdock root.Rub from 20 to 30 minutes.
  2. often use ointment, which is made from beet broth and honey.
  3. Cabbage.It is necessary to deprive primotat sheet sour or fresh cabbage, which is smeared with sour cream.When the sheet dries, it should be changed.
  4. Broth from buckwheat.Wipe the area sick decoction of buckwheat groats use glass for a couple of glasses of water.
  5. «Tear" the vine.This sap that oozes out when cutting the vine or juice, which acts by burning it.
  6. soapy water.This also means you can get rid of lichen, soapy water to wash the shingles from 3 to 5 times a day, but it does not always help.
  7. mustard and vinegar.Mix the mustard with the vinegar and apply to the sore spot.No need primatyvat for a long period, otherwise you may get burned.
  8. Treatment test.It should be 5 days in a row to smear the affected area and leave the dough for 2 hours, then rinse with warm water.
  9. Treatment of bees.Need to bees stung in the arm to the elbow: the first day in one bite in both hands, the second day for two bites, the third day - 3 bite in each hand, the 4th at 4 bite and the 5th at 5bites.After that, take a break for 5 days and then repeat all over again.
  10. Equine "soap".It is necessary to lubricate zoster horse "soap" (the image of the horse white foam after a long run of the animal).
  11. Window "sweat.""Sweat" windowpanes - a liquid misted windows when weather changes.This liquid, it is necessary to lubricate zoster.It is alleged that deprive, in this way is treated quickly.
  12. «Paper fat."To get the "paper oil", it is necessary to take a regular piece of paper, fold it, and set fire to the plate.After the paper burns on the plate will be oily, yellow liquid, take the liquid until it has cooled down, and put on the shingles.Do this several times until the ringworm disappears.
  13. Graphite.Grind graphite pencil rod into the powder, pour the powder with water and shake well.This liquid wash zoster 2 times per day.
  14. Antimony mixed with bittersweet nightshade.Mix 1.8 grams to 1.8 grams of antimony extract bittersweet nightshade.Make a pill and sprinkle with cinnamon powder.Take, starting with 5 pieces and gradually increasing to 15 pieces.It is considered the best medicine and efficient of all the others.
  15. White vitriol.One drachma, ie1.8 grams of white vitriol diluted with 800 ml of water and apply this lotion on the affected area.
  16. naphthalene ointment.Naftalan ointment - a viscous, thick, black-brown mass, which is made from Naftalan therapeutic oil (not to be confused with naphthalene - a white powder by moths).
  17. Tar.A cup of pure tar mixed with two egg yolks, or two cups of linseed oil, or a cup of fresh cream.Rub the cream 2 times per day.
  18. Tar fish oil.This simple old means for stripping, which has no specific symptoms.It is necessary to mix 3 tablespoons of fish oil with a spoon of tar, rub and fit for a couple of hours.
  19. Broth «cones» hop ordinary.It is necessary to take 200 ml of boiling water - 10 grams of cones.Making lotion on the affected area.
  20. lingonberry juice fruit.Applied topically for herpes.It is also used for scabies.
  21. Nigella sowing.It is a cultivated plant.Finely chop the fresh grass, mash and mix with the grape juice.
  22. Oleoresin pine.Mix with the usual gray sap to produce ointments and primatyvat to deprive.
  23. root Saponaria drug.It should crushed root pour hot water in a ratio of 3 tablespoons Saponaria officinalis roots with 250 ml of water and left for 10 hours.Then drain the root and make a lotion for a long time.If the lotion does not irritate the skin, the lotion does not wash off.If there is redness, rinse and repeat until full recovery.

not know how to get rid of the colored lichen?Use the recipes above.They are effective at denying any form.