What to do at a high temperature - high temperature

Fever indicates not only that your body's disease progresses, but also that he is fighting the infection.And there is absolutely nothing to worry about.Just learn how to behave in such a situation.

whether the temperature is always bad

large number of doctors believe that the opposite is true - the temperature rise is good.After all, it shows the action of our immune system.Experiments have shown that at elevated temperature, the immune system cells will kill bacteria.At the beginning of the last century, a high temperature even used for the treatment of syphilis and arthritis.To do this, doctors put patients in a heated box.

When the temperature is dangerous

When a person's immune system works properly, the heat says relatively good health.But in older people with weakened immune systems are usually the heat is poorly marked, so you should monitor closely the increase in temperature from them.The same applies to all people with weakened body.For example, patients with leukemia,

AIDS, or cancer, doctors must report any of the absolute increase in body temperature.

very unpredictable can respond to the temperature has not yet formed the immune system of infants.Therefore, in the first month of life the temperature rise is always considered as an alarm.

main thing is to comply with bed rest and drink a lot of liquid of any kind.And to drink all the time, even a little bit.Well help: tea with lemon, berry juice and fruit tea.

You can make yourself a drink 2 teaspoons get divorced in 100 ml of boiling water.Then add the lemon and two teaspoons raspberry jam.Cover the bowl with a lid, and leave for 10 minutes.When they pass, you can drink.

Another good recipe to help lower the temperature: pour boiling water leaves a black currant.Let sit 10 minutes, then add the lemon juice.After 10 minutes the drink can be consumed.

Very useful is the chicken broth at an elevated temperature.

room in which the patient lies, it should be well ventilated.You do not need to take too hot shower or bath.It's better if you just wipe the body with a damp cloth.But it should be done so that it does not become wet.

A few more tips:

A few more tips
  • if the body temperature has not yet reached 38 degrees, do not eat no antipyretic.Just put on a thin cotton cloth and cover the light sheet.So you will not be hot and you get to sleep;
  • when the temperature reached 38 degrees, drink a proven tool and just as it is written in the instructions.Not bad helps to bring down the temperature of aspirin, just do not give it to children.Action tablets begins after about half an hour.If the temperature rises again, remember that the next pill, you can only drink through 4:00;
  • temperature rose above 40 degrees?Then be sure to drink antipyretic and put on the head of a cool compress.Make sure that the room is a draft.Every half hour, you need to check the temperature.If it continues to rise, it is necessary to call "ambulance."

When not using the "Emergency" can not do

When no ambulance can not do

In such situations, it is not necessary to try to bring down the temperature of their own, and should immediately call a doctor:

  1. have a baby less than three months, the temperature rose above 38 degrees;
  2. temperature became higher than 40 degrees;
  3. 38 degrees lasts for several days;
  4. temperature increased a person having a chronic disease.

Note that these recommendations apply only to people who can be called relatively healthy.In other cases, it is best to consult immediately with your doctor.