How to determine the gestational age - definition of pregnancy

Gestational need to know in order to properly determine the time of the birth of the baby.The doctor will be able to assign a timely analyzes and inspections, through which we can determine fetal development, prevent the development of various types of pathologies.Ultrasound diagnosis is carried out in strictly defined periods, thus determine the sex of the baby, but the exact date of his birth.Maternity leave, timely preparation for childbirth, the acquisition of all necessary for the new man is also dependent on the duration of pregnancy.

In order to determine the gestational age, use several techniques

Methods for determining gestational age

1) At ovulation, ie the date of possible conception.

Ovulation - this is the period when the egg matures and can be fertilized.Therefore, a woman can get pregnant.During this period the "ready" egg from the ovary moves into the fallopian tube, "waiting" sperm.Outdoor sex act at this time will lead to the conception with the greatest probab


ovulating woman somewhere in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

the question, "How accurately determine the gestational age" every gynecologist confidently answer: "In the day of ovulation."There

special tests to calculate the day.To get such a test can be in every pharmacy.

For lack of a test you can rely on the measurement of basal body temperature - the temperature in the rectum.The first half of the menstrual cycle is characterized by not more than 37 ° C.One day prior to ovulation, the mercury falls somewhat, only to rise to 37-37,2 ° C.This makes it possible to calculate the exact day of pregnancy, when conception is provided in the measurement period.

Some women determine ovulation by their characteristic symptoms: abdominal pain, increase in the amount of discharge from the genital slit, increase libido.

most accurately help determine the day of ovulation ultrasound diagnosis.But to walk every day for an examination is very problematic.

2) In the last period of menstruation.

This formula applies Negele.The method allows to determine the date of birth, but to calculate the date of conception is also suitable.Birthday baby = first day of the last menstrual period - three months + seven days.

3) In the process of examination by a gynecologist.

doctor establishes gestational age on uterine size.At the four-week pregnancy, the uterus is the size of a hen's egg, with an eight-week - goose.A good specialist will not be difficult to ascertain the date of fertilization.But this method does not work during pregnancy second and third months.Complicated is different dynamics of development of the fetus, depending on the individual characteristics of the physiology of each expectant mother.

4) With the help of ultrasound diagnosis.

accuracy of the determination depends on the duration of pregnancy, as well as at the gynecological examination.The term is set by the size of the uterus, so the error can not be excluded.Only two per cent of women give birth in the "appointed time".

Since the twentieth week of pregnancy, ultrasound examination often shows the small size of the uterus, so that doctors diagnose intrauterine fetus in its absence.The reason for this is initially wrongly prescribed period of pregnancy or just the small size of the baby.Most often, such a diagnosis can hear women with small body constitution.The machine does not take into account the mother's size and its physiological characteristics.Although often fragile women give birth to large babies.Results of US in the second and third trimester of determining the period of pregnancy is generally not necessary.In general, women are examined at this time to establish the sex of the baby.

5) In the first stirring.

Women who are for the first time at the heart of the baby, feeling a stir at the twentieth week of pregnancy.Moms, waiting a second baby, a sense of movement in my stomach a little earlier - in the eighteenth week.It is recommended to remember this day.The doctor will ask about this date, and will bring it to the dispensary map.This day is very important for the subsequent determination of the gestational age and birth date.

delivery time can be set by adding to the day of the first stirring of twenty weeks or five months, and at the second pregnancy - eighteen weeks, or four and a half months.Day first perturbation is considered mid-pregnancy.

But this method is not always true.It all depends again on the physiological characteristics of each woman.There are mothers who feel the stirring of before, and some, on the contrary, later.Small and fragile women tend to baby movement of the seventeenth week.Therefore it is necessary to take into account the constitution of women before pregnancy to determine the time.In addition, many women perceive enhanced intestinal activity as baby movement.Moms tend to flatulence.

6) Through the measurement of the fetus and uterine length.

This is the most complicated method of determining gestational age.this method is not recommended to be used independently.

to survey a woman lay on the couch and asked to straighten his legs.Urinary bladder mother must be empty, not otherwise excluded errors in the measurements and thus determining gestational age.The length of the uterus gynecologist measured using a measuring tape or tazomera.In most cases, the length corresponds to the number of uterine weeks.For example, when the size of thirty centimeters uterine pregnancy period is determined as thirty weeks.

If you wish to know when the baby is born, you should not rely one hundred percent on the survey results.Each woman is individual in their physiology.Modern medicine has not yet been possible to establish the exact date of conception, and therefore can not determine the exact day and childbirth.Every woman can feel the "moment of truth".

Childbirth - a miracle which nature has given us.And miracles are known to not require specifics, but only acceptance and admiration.