Excess weight during pregnancy - are overweight during pregnancy

What woman does not dream to have a baby and still be elegant and graceful as a pre-pregnancy?You know what will become a mother in the near future?We congratulate all my heart!It will take only 9 months, and realized the real miracle - born of your long-awaited baby.

In anticipation of the baby Many mothers attend disturbing thoughts: how without the help of diets and fasting days not to gain weight during pregnancy?

Let's talk about the norms

What weight gain is considered to be optimal?

For a woman with a normal "doberemennym" optimal weight gain is from 8 to 14 kg.

For women with little excess weight is allowed to increase 7-9 kilograms

For obese women with weight gain should not exceed 5-6 kg.

But do not worry if you do not fit into these rules.All women are different and the body at all different.Slight variations are not terrible.But if your gain is much higher or lower than the average, it is a chance to consult with experts.

What should be the ideal gain?

What should be the increase in the ideal

For women with normal body weight, hatching firstborn:

  • 0 to 10 weeks - about 200 grams per month
  • From 10up to 20 weeks - about 300 grams per week
  • 20 to 30 weeks - about 400 grams per week
  • from 30 weeks until delivery - about 300 grams per week

have slim women weight gain should be:

  • In the first trimester - approximately 800 grams
  • In the second trimester - about 2.4 kilograms
  • In the third trimester - about 2 kilograms

overweight women need to watch out for the addition with the utmost care.For them, the recommendations are as follows:

  • In the first trimester - 0.3 kg per month
  • In the second trimester - 0.3 kg per week
  • In the third trimester - 0.2 kg per week

Womenwith multiple pregnancies increase in the 16-20 kilogram (regardless of initial weight) is considered normal.

Why woman is gaining excess weight during pregnancy?

Pregnancy - is a tremendous rearrangement of the mother's body.Just imagine that during pregnancy the mother's blood volume increases by about 50%, and it is 1.5-2 kg.By the end of pregnancy the uterus weighs about 1 kilogram, the placenta - about 500 grams, amniotic fluid - about 1 kilogram, chest increases by about 500 grams of water, which delays a woman's body cells - 1.5-2 kg.Of course, the fruit itself - 2.5-4 kg.Plus fat reserves - 3-4 (or even more) a kilogram.As we can see, not all are superfluous kilos.3-4 kg of fat - this is normal during pregnancy.After the parent body needs to stock up on extra calories for later breastfeeding.But the fact that more than 3-4 kg, - this is the surplus that a pregnant woman does not need.

What is dangerous excess weight during pregnancy?

What is dangerous excess weight during pregnancy

We all know that being overweight is bad for the human body.During pregnancy, the mother's excess body weight can harm not only herself but also her unborn child.

What is the danger for the mother:

  • First of all, large weight gain provoke disorders of the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.There is an additional load on the legs, due to which many women appears varicose veins.Spine and internal organs, too, have not sweet.
  • Secondly, there is a risk to make a bouquet of various diseases.The cause of hypertension, diabetes, late toxicosis is just extra weight.
  • Third, increases the likelihood of miscarriage or premature birth.If a woman doing a caesarean section, the doctors because of her thick layer of abdominal fat is much more difficult to get to the fruit.

What is the danger for the baby:

  • Often the child is suffering from a lack of oxygen.
  • supply of nutrients is just as difficult.
  • There is a risk of various neurological disorders, convulsions and even heart disease.

What do you do if your weight during pregnancy is far from the norm?

necessary to good nutrition during pregnancy

during pregnancy is very beneficial:

began keeping a graph of weight gain.To do this, every week, in one and the same day, weighed and the results recorded.Perhaps this will help you better control.

start to eat right.Give preference to low-fat dairy products, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, marine fish and porridge.Exclude from the diet of fried and smoked foods, carbonated drinks.If possible, give up mayonnaise and sweet desserts.Shops packaged juices to replace the juice of fresh fruits, mineral water without gas, stewed fruit or broth hips.

Start taking special vitamins for pregnant women.Although before this it is necessary to consult with your gynecologist.

extremely undesirable:

sit on any diet or had done fasting days.Remember that now you have two, and the baby in the stomach needs a constant flow of nutrients.

conduct a sedentary lifestyle.No need to feel sorry for yourself!Move more, sign up for swimming or fitness for a group of pregnant women.Moderate exercise will not harm you or your baby.

Consume any alcoholic beverages.It happens that some women during pregnancy irresistibly want to drink a glass of wine or beer.Do not indulge all their "whims of pregnant women."After all, the harmful effects of alcohol has not been canceled.

Excessive pickles.Salt water holding body may contribute to the appearance of edema.

Eating haphazardly.A habit of eating in one and the same time.

To quickly get rid of the extra kilos, make it a rule to comply with these recommendations and after childbirth.Most carry the baby in her arms, long walks in the fresh air (while walking can be from time to time to carry the baby in a sling, it will create an additional burden for your body), and then your figure will once again be the same as 9 months ago.

Healthy mother - healthy child