Hemorrhoids Home Treatment - home treatment

Hemorrhoids - a disease of the XXI century.Currently, a huge number of people suffer from this disease.By itself, the hemorrhoid is a hypertrophy of the corpora cavernosa of the rectum, in other words - varicose external and internal rectal veins with subsequent inflammation.

hemorrhoid treatment should be complex.There is a huge variety of methods to get rid of such unpleasant process.Used traditional therapeutic, surgical and traditional methods of hemorrhoid treatment.

resort to surgery primarily for heavy current running of this disease in the lungs as much possible to be limited by traditional and popular methods that can be used easily in the comfort of your home.

Unfortunately, drug therapy is of importance only in the early stages of disease progression, and it is aimed at reducing the severity of clinical symptoms and relief of disease.In order to take really high quality treatment of hemorrhoids at home is necessary to follow a few basic points:

  • need to commit the morning or even
    ing jog for short distances, with a gradual increase in the runnable distance.But do not initially too overtax your body, so you can only exacerbate the situation.Physical activity should be a gradual smooth growth.Also running is recommended to include in your set of exercises squats, bending and strain on the muscles of the upper and lower press.Exercise is recommended at least 3 times during the week;
  • advisable to resort to a specialized diet, which excludes the use of large amounts of greasy, spicy, salty food;
  • most careful anal hygiene and anus after defecation;
  • use of laxatives (in this case it is recommended to consult a doctor, qualified help never hurts in this issue) in order to eliminate chronic constipation.There are 3 main groups of laxatives drugs used for the treatment of hemorrhoids: drugs, contributing to an increase in volume of intestinal contents (sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate), drugs, softening intestinal contents (liquid paraffin), drugs that stimulate peristaltic bowel function (decoctions of buckthorn,zhostera and rhubarb - these herbs can be purchased at any pharmacy);
  • during exacerbation of hemorrhoids is obligatory to use specialized anal suppositories, cold lotions with drugs and ointments.So, now for the home treatment of hemorrhoids, the following group of pharmaceuticals used:
  • venoskleroziruyuschie (Polidocanol) - has a damaging effect on the endothelium of the venous system with subsequent sclerosis in problem areas;
  • venous (Ruthin, Troxevasin, Tribenozid) - increase the tone of smooth muscle, and the venous system of the rectum;
  • antispasmodics and local anesthetics for pain (herb extract, lidocaine, benzocaine);
  • anti-inflammatory drugs (bufexamac - refers to a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, hydrocortisone - glucocorticosteroid hormone, has a pronounced antiedematous and antipruritic action);

How to treat hemorrhoids at home

How to treat hemorrhoids at home

Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of hemorrhoids are available in different dosage forms: it can be tablets, ointments, suppositories, gels, lotions.

In addition to traditional methods of hemorrhoid treatment at home, you can resort to the use of traditional techniques.Here are some very effective in the fight against hemorrhoids recipes sites:

  • are an excellent means of self-made ice candles from chamomile.Preparation of this tool will not take much time and effort.First, you need to take a fingertip or cut off the little finger from the usual surgical gloves.It pour pre-prepared and infused for half an hour decoction of 15 grams.chamomile, filled with 180 ml of boiling water.Gently tie the thread open end of the glove or fingertip and place the rubber container in the freezer.Daily frozen candle enter into the anus and wait for its complete dissolution.This tool provides a wonderful analgesic, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • decoction of rose hips is used primarily for the treatment of hemorrhoids internal localization.This tool is an excellent venotoniki.First we need to carefully crush rose hips, then gently place them in a pot (preferably of aluminum).In a pan spread 15-25 g.crushed in a coffee grinder rosehip, 15-20 gr.sugar and pour 420-520 ml of boiling water.The resulting mixture was infused for 10 hours, then carefully filtered infusion must be taken three times 150-180 ml per day;
  • to reduce inflammation and irritation symptoms microclysters can be used with medicinal plants.Content mikroklizm can be varied, but the most effective way is the infusion of St. John's wort oil.The tool is prepared as follows: ¾ glass jars to fill the pre-prepared flowers St. John's wort, pour vegetable oil (you can use olive or sunflower oil), the container neck tie tightly with gauze and put on 3-4 weeks in a warm place, not forgetting periodically to stir the contents of the cans.After this time the mass is tightly squeeze through dense tissue structure and allow to stand for 24 hours and then divided into three parts.Used for enemas topmost layer.Ready extract stored in a dark container in the refrigerator before use and is heated to a temperature equal to 37-380s.