How to get rid of lice in the home

lice or pediculosis considered diseases associated with places that have natural disasters or crisis situations.After all, as a rule, can be lice in humans, which can be attributed to the low-income segment of the population, do not observe basic rules of personal hygiene.

But, despite this, no one, even the most educated and wealthy person can not be insured against lice.They are incredibly prolific.In addition, they are very easy to catch.Therefore, everyone should know how to get rid of lice.

What is it

lice - blood-sucking insects that are "live" on the person and mammals.Specifically, in humans can parasitize: the head louse, wardrobe and ploschitsa so called pubic lice.

head lives in the hair.Lice most of the time hiding in the clothes people "getting over" on the people for a couple of minutes a day.Typically such lice may be found in such places as the garment folds and seams.There they lay their eggs.

Ploschitsa mainly affects the skin of the perineum and pubis.But sometimes it can be f

ound in the armpits, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Lice reproduce by laying eggs (nits), which are held at the very roots of the hair due to sticky secretions.After about a week of them appearing larvae reaching after 3 weeks of its full development.

large and small lice apparently differ only in size, can be gray, brown or pale yellow color.With three pairs of legs, hair lice are attached to a person.The lifespan of the parasite - 1-2 months.But this is only on the human body.In the environment they live for about a week.

Lice are dangerous because they can be a source type and the return of typhus disease.


Let stereotypes and say that lice - disease of junkies and other disadvantaged people, ordinary citizens, it is also quite common.No matter how it seemed from all the heads of lice "choose" the one that regularly wash where clean skin.This means that insects will be easier, allocating fewer substances to suck blood.

Lice can not fly or jump, so infection can occur when you touch your hair infested items (hats, bed linen or combs, for example).That is, if you just spend the night on a bed on which to sleep that a person with head lice, you can be sure you will be infected with it too.Most children affected by this problem.

Signs of lice

One of the major signs of head lice can be called a constant and intense itching.That is, when head lice, itching to head.If wardrobes - in the zone of the greatest fit to dress the body.If the same problem - ploschitsa will be itching in the pubic area.

Additionally, itching may cause severe scratching that leads to boils, pustules and other things.Patients often suffer from insomnia, lose their appetite.It may even appear alert.

How to quickly get rid of lice

Unfortunately, in the case of head lice will not limit ourselves to just a head washing and washing laundry.So you do not get rid of any lice or nits on.

easiest going to get rid of pubic lice, after shave off all the hair is not so scary.After that, in order to avoid infection, lice bites place should be disinfected with a special ointment.With eyebrows and eyelashes can be quite easy to remove lice simply hands.

If you are concerned about body lice, you know that an ordinary washing powder with the usual will not help deal with the problem.It is necessary to boil things or to treat them with steam.Then for a week to hang out in the sun in a well-ventilated room.

Or this option: a special treat clothes with poison, leave for a few hours so that it is absorbed, then wash everything again, to hang in the sun.At the end of the week, all the iron the seams and folds of iron.

This brings us to how to get rid of head lice.This, unfortunately, the most difficult.There are plenty of recipes for how to do it: from folk to health.For example, in the pharmacy, you can find a lot of tools to deal with the problem.One of the most effective can be called hellebore water.Also there

ointments, sprays and shampoos.Before using such means, be sure to read the instructions.When you choose a drug, do not be shy and ask everything you need from a specialist.Often on synthetic liquids allergy occurs.In addition, a huge amount of money simply contraindicated in women and children, waiting for the addition.So be sure to consult a pharmacist, the only way you can be sure not to endanger himself or his child.

very effective is cranberry juice against nits.It is because of its acidic environment dissolves the upper shell eggs.Tar and Dustov soap due to the high presence of alkali, is also very effective against parasites.

There is a pretty radical way as the hair coloring.Do not be surprised!Hydrogen peroxide - a formidable weapon against lice and nits, because it has a very high concentration and pungency.

There are also, however inefficient, traditional remedies: the juice of parsley and mint, tarragon broth and use boiled beets.

Remember that inefficiency or vice versa effectiveness of a tool is very individual.For example, one can not help most expensive shampoo lice and other enough apple cider vinegar rinse.

Folk remedies against lice have always existed and will exist.After all, their effectiveness is neither more nor less than 90%.Of course, you can use them, but you must always remember to be careful:

  1. If you decide to use for getting rid of lice kerosene, be prepared for the fact that the hair after he did not immediately come to order.It is hard to wash off, spoils the appearance of hair, making them dirty in appearance and tacky to the touch, difficult to comb.
  2. Vinegar also spoils the hair.He strongly dries them, and the concentrated solution may even burn the scalp.Vinegar removes lice and has a disinfecting effect, but does not display the nits.
  3. Such funds as "dichlorvos" incredibly toxic.Thanks carbonate and organophosphorus substances that are contained in them, you can get severe poisoning.

addition to all the above, all of these tools is quite inconvenient to use.

After using any of the proposed funds, be sure to comb the hair comb with frequent teeth.Even better (but much more time-consuming) will, if you will remove each nit hands.Take it may not one day, because the parasite is very difficult to withdraw.

If you have long hair, will likely have to cut them.Since the process of removing the nits and dead lice will go much faster.You can try to alleviate this unpleasant procedure, causing a balm to the hair.This will give a sort of a sliding effect.

It has already been said about the fact that often there was lice in children.Therefore, if a child has lice, it would be great to declare quarantine in the whole group.Or another way: handle special means all children without exception.