Proper nutrition for pregnant women - a diet for pregnant women

All expectant mothers are aware that proper nutrition for pregnant women - one of the conditions necessary for normal pregnancy, baby development and growth.Improper diet can have on the future mother no noticeable negative impact, but the baby is very harmful and can cause very serious consequences.Therefore, if you are willing to make every effort to only your child was born healthy and strong, read the article and follow the tips.

Complete diet

Most likely, many will agree that the food for the most part at all monotonous.In addition, always ensure pregnant women various components of nutrition was pretty difficult.Our ancestors generally very had no choice: they are during pregnancy is absolutely not change your diet, and sometimes eat only one or two times a day and nothing else - the children were born perfectly healthy and normal.

So maybe do not need to put much effort only to diversify and optimize their food?The answer here can be only one: It should be!Here are several argum

ents that advocate for "ยป:

  • analyze what foods your ancestors ate, and what is now have to eat yourself.Of course, in recent years products contain far more nutrients and vitamins.Now, processing of food completely "outputs" are natural food ingredients;
  • nature has taken care that in all the circumstances, the fetus receives all the necessary for the normal development and growth substances.Guess where?Of course.From the mother's body, having a large compensatory capacity.But if the mother does not replenish their so-called "reserves" of her body will show negative reactions: fatigue, headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, morning sickness, violation of appetite and so on;
  • and most important argument: if the daily diet of a pregnant woman is so meager that it is required the most urgent help, to talk about the sturdy child's health is simply not necessary!A list of the possible effects on the fetus after such a pretty frivolous attitude to their health is not pregnant.But know one thing - it's pretty great.

Useful tips from doctors

Experienced doctors give advice that will help you maintain your health and your baby's health, even if the choice of food is very limited.Follow them and you can make the right diet for pregnant women.

  1. In no case do not need to eat "for two" in an attempt to give your child a greater number of different nutrients.The most important condition of a balanced diet - it is important not the number of eating the food, and the variety in the diet and a good assimilation of food.Following this rule, you will be able to provide the necessary fruit of his nutrients.
  2. pregnant woman should not change too rapidly for her usual diet.This, of course, does not apply to alcohol addictions and other gross violations of the principles of nutrition.If before your pregnancy, you eat a very varied and at the same time fully, can not worry about changing the diet in the first half of your pregnancy: eat as before.
  3. not completely follow all the advice his numerous girlfriends, friends, and user forums for pregnant women, who can recommend every day there is some salad, completely give up meat, or vice versa to increase its consumption - all of these tips can hurt you.And is it necessary?Of course, some of the advice may be necessary in a particular case, but none of the recommendations will not be a panacea, providing an ideal course of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby in every woman, without exception.After all, the body of each expectant mother is different, as is individual and her pregnancy and fetal development.Therefore, in no case do not need to blindly believe all the advice and follow each of them.It is better to try to listen "to your body and eat, focusing on their common sense and the recommendation of his doctor.
  4. Future mothers should be very careful about the food he consumes, to listen to the desires that may arise, and do not be afraid to tell them about her husband or relatives.It's just a case where the whims can not only forgive, but also to understand that they are useful.The desire to eat something rather unusual (clay, chalk, lime) - no strangeness and oddity, but rather a sign of a lack of certain substances in the body.And to treat such wishes must be very serious.Therefore, if you suddenly wanted to pregnant lemon, herring, sauerkraut, or whatever else you need to try as quickly as possible to give her these products.
  5. Diet for pregnant (if she is completely healthy) is usually not needed.It is best to include in the future mum menu all the basic products: milk, meat, fish, bread, poultry, fruits, vegetables ... well everything.Remember.That there is not completely good and completely bad foods!They need to be combined in sufficient quantities, the only way a pregnant woman and the fetus will be provided with all the necessary nutrients for them.
  6. Try carefully than usual to chew all foods.It is best to chew pieces of food 30-40 times.This will improve the digestion and the body receives more nutrients.And do not load up before going to bed.
  7. For pregnant women are very important to regularly defecate.It frees the body from the partial oxidation products that are formed in the bodies of the mother and baby.For this purpose, you need to eat more often in foods that have high amounts of fiber.These include: rye bread, bread with bran, buckwheat, oats, millet and barley porridge, carrots, dried fruits, apples and juices with pulp.These foods stimulate bowel activity.

The right diet expectant mother should contain a sufficient amount of essential substances:

  • amino acids.Their main source of animal products: milk, meat, fish, eggs and legumes (beans, soy beans and peas);
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids that enter the body along with vegetable oil;
  • vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts.Their sources - a wide variety of foods: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and cereals.

future mother Diet

In the first half of pregnancy, it is best to eat four times a day.And the breakfast should be 30% of the total caloric content of the diet per day, lunch - 15%, dinner - 35% and dinner - 20%.

To reduce pressure on the fruit in the second half of pregnancy, it is necessary to go to five or six meals a day.And you need to eat smaller portions.

also need to try to do the proper distribution of food throughout the day.Know that proteins increase metabolism, a long time remain in the stomach and stimulate the nervous system.Therefore, meat, eggs and fish are better to eat for breakfast and lunch.But let dinner consists of dishes of milk and vegetable origin.