How to get rid of the hiccups - how to deal with hiccups

hiccups constantly comes at the wrong time.But get rid of it is sometimes quite difficult.In the book "Guinness" included information about ordinary people of America, who in 1922 began a hiccup.The man drove an absolutely normal life: twice married, had eight children.And all this without ceasing hiccup.To attack ceased only after 68 years.We, of course, will try to tell you how to get rid of ikotygorazdo faster.

What is it in general such

What generally is a hiccup?This non-specific disturbance in respiratory function, convulsive, jerky contraction of the diaphragm, which appear unpleasant intense and short respiratory movements.

Hiccups may occur in completely healthy people with no seemingly apparent reason.And usually it is completely harmless and passes quickly.Sometimes a person starts to hiccup after the general hypothermia (especially young children), after a hearty meal (due to too stretched stomach).Another, but not frequent reasons include irritation of the phrenic nerve.

has been described a case where there is a long hiccup with the frequency of seizures, which was equal to the frequency of the heart rate.It happened because of the wire insulation of the pacemaker.

Usually hiccups arising due to external factors, quite simply passes.It should only take a deep breath, hold your breath for a few seconds, or make a couple of sips of water.

But hiccups can be a symptom of certain diseases, such as inflammation of the abdominal cavity.In some cases, hiccups beginning to bear discomfort: pain and long duration.

In addition, a sign of some hiccups spinal cord and brain disease, myocardial infarction, infectious diseases and psychological overexcited.If hiccups persists for a long time, it is best to consult a doctor, who will find the cause of its occurrence and prescribe appropriate treatment.

How to quickly get rid of hiccups

How to quickly get rid

Before reading these tips, try the rather simple but very effective tool.It turned out that it helps even in cases where all other methods are tried were powerless.

So, in the dining room spoonful of mustard pour a little vinegar, stir it all and lubricate the resulting gruel a third language.Now soak a few minutes, then simply rinse the cavity mouth with warm water.Such means is distracting and irritating properties.Besides mustard remarkably relieves cramps, and hence hiccups.

If this tool does not work, try the any of the tips below.Most of them are quite effective and quickly remove the hiccups:

  1. Eat something sour or bitter.When the digestive system gets anything unusual and unfamiliar to her, the disappearance of respiratory spasms.You do not know what to take?You can swallow a teaspoon of vinegar or suck on a small piece of lemon.
  2. You can try to remove the hiccups using ordinary water.To do this, you must drink a glass of cold water in small sips.Thus, from the bottom of the throat washed all food residues and eliminates their possible irritant effect on nerve which runs.
  3. Try to remove the hiccups, using a reflex manner.That is, put your finger on the throat as if you want to vomit.But in fact, do not bring their action before the final, otherwise you simply interrupt the steady rhythm of the hiccups.
  4. Drink water bent.It is believed that this hiccup will be faster.Lean over the sink, slide the glass well away from himself and start drinking in this position.
  5. Sprinkle a little sugar on the base of the tongue and swallow it.Or you can take a little bit of beer, add a spoonful of sugar and drink this mixture.
  6. hold their own language.And next time, when you realize that nazhinaet podstupat hiccups, mouth open a little wider, grasp the language a bit, pull it and hold it in this position a few seconds.
  7. Did you know that when you start trying to remove the hiccups, you activate a set of other muscles, and therefore disappear spasms?
  8. suddenly afraid hiccupping man.It is believed that such a rather unpleasant way to very good relieves hiccups.
  9. can try national way and thread.This method appeared in Texas, there are hiccups interrupted with a simple red thread or tying material around the man's head.That's only necessary to tie the nose.Perhaps hiccup disappears due to the transfer of attention to the very thread, as if getting rid of the cramps, distraction - the best way to "cure".

If after all the done hiccup and not thought to retreat, as well as all to persevere, you can carry out such an exercise.Hold your breath, at the same time connect the little fingers of both hands with your thumbs.Thus, you will have two rings.Keep your hands in this position until the hiccups will not get lost.

In the event that the hiccups became painful and prolonged, apply a method of traditional medicine: lie down on the bed and relax to the max and put "under a spoon" yellow card.

At the same time, you can take advice oriental doctors who recommend a little pressure on the active points "in the stomach," his middle finger.Repeat this action is not less than five times.

To get rid of hiccups in the home can do the exercise: feet shoulder width apart, hands clasped behind his back.Take a breath in through your nose, then with an effort put your hands up.Pause just for a moment, breathing through the mouth and then take a deep breath.Repeat the exercise three times, and even the most stubborn hiccups should go.

If you attempt to remove the hiccups did not succeed, just try to relax.After trying to suppress the spasm, you just strained his diaphragm, and thus complicating their situation.

How to deal with hiccups

Unfortunately, despite the great achievements in the field of medicine for many years and has not been found one suitable for the treatment of hiccups.But do not be too much longer worry about these minor spasms, after all, there are some ways to solve the problem.

The easiest way to get rid of hiccups or distracting hiccupping person or apnea (breathing techniques are currently).Most often, this is quite enough.

But if hiccups failed, sometimes it is necessary to sound the alarm.It is rare, but it happens that the spasms indicate that in the human body a certain disorder, and he needs to go to the doctor and to pass the necessary examination.How to understand that it is in your case, it is time to go to the doctor?

appear symptoms:

  • duration of hiccups more than an hour;
  • hiccup appears several times a week or even several times a day;
  • addition hiccups you present chest pain, disturbance of swallowing reflex and heartburn.

If there is a hiccup at you very often, and it fits long enough, your doctor may well refer you to the survey, to identify whether there is in the esophagus some obstacles.To resolve hiccups that arise with an enviable constancy, and has nothing to do with the mechanical barriers in the esophagus, you can assign specific medications.