How to get rid of sinusitis - get rid of sinusitis

If you have ever in my life encountered such a problem like sinusitis, then remember it for a lifetime.Not because it is a terrible, dangerous and does not cure the disease, and because doctors simply radically divergent opinions about its treatment.

One of the doctors advise washing someone - inhalation, well, someone very stringent measures - to pierce the maxillary sinuses.But even with all this mess at all forums write that it is impossible to pierce and advise to bury your nose in a strange homemade liqueurs.You would, for example, would dare to dig in much aching nose melted butter mixed with beet juice (it's actually a recipe from the forum)?

Therefore, to understand the correct treatment of sinusitis, you need to initially know what it is, how it affects the body as a whole, and what might be the consequences of improper treatment.

What is sinusitis

What is sinusitis

So, sinusitis is an inflammatory process that occurs in the mucous membrane of the nasal (maxillary) sinu

ses.Mucous gradually begins to swell and block the exhaust opening from the sinuses into the nasal cavity.Begins to accumulate mucus and provoke the development of bacteria, which leads to disease.

addition mucus also accumulates in the sinus pus, which, together with the mucus of the nose presses on the wall, and cause severe pain, especially when lowering head down.Microbes found in the pus and mucus, produce toxins that are absorbed into the body is infected and begin to cause symptoms characteristic of intoxication, such as - headache, fever, malaise.

Causes of sinusitis:

  • lowered immunity;
  • curved shape of the nasal septum;
  • presence of polyps in the sinuses;
  • infectious processes in the upper respiratory tract, flu, rhinitis, measles, cold, hypothermia, reduced the protective properties of the organism in vitamin deficiency.As well as the cause of sinusitis can be smoking, hobby diving.In addition, the sinusitis appear as consequences after gum disease or tooth decay when the upper posterior teeth.

Symptoms of sinusitis usually becomes constantly stuffy nose, which can lead to loss of sense of smell and a change in voice.All this may be accompanied by purulent discharge, which have an unpleasant odor.Usually they are green and yellow.Drawing pain in nosolobnoy zone, aggravated by a mild tapping fingers.The pain may be a return to the front of the head or in the region of the jaws, sometimes accompanied by swelling of the cheeks or eyelids.Just sinusitis symptoms are weakness, insomnia and confusion, may appear very unpleasant smell from the nose.

How to get rid of sinusitis

How to get rid

most important thing - it's time to seek professional help from a qualified doctor and not try to treat yourself, otherwise you can bring yourself to chronicsinusitis, which can lead to surgery.

Under normal without severe cases, enough washing the sinuses of mucus, the use of sprays, which constricts blood vessels, or inhalation.Of course, it can and need to puncture, but worry about it not worth it.Piercing sinuses process almost painless and very effective.

How to get rid of chronic sinusitis

How to get rid of chronic

In no case do not try to treat yourself!Do not forget that the maxillary sinuses are located in the head very close to the brain and eyes, and inflammatory processes that occur near these bodies, suddenly can immediately apply to them.And why not try to delay!It should be possible to start quickly and make effective treatment that can only experienced doctor.Do not self-medicate!

In modern clinics offer washing nose by moving, intranasal blockade, suctioning mucus, ozone therapy, nasal shower, washing the sinuses drain through to the introduction of medications, antibiotics, laser therapy.An experienced physician will choose an effective treatment, in view of the general state of the body and suitable for you.

If the treatment of chronic sinusitis conventional conservative methods do not help, you may need to take more serious measures, such as surgery: septoplasty (correction of the nasal septum), polipotomiya nasal turbinates radioturbinatsiya, turbinotomy.

And remember, the longer you pull a campaign to the doctor, the more chances of sinusitis live in your body for a long time.Chronic sinusitis is quite difficult to cure and at the first supercooling he will again and again to remind yourself.Therefore treated in time and be healthy!