Hormonal disruptions in women - symptoms and causes hormonal failure

Modern women not uncommon failures in hormonal background.And for some reason, most of the ladies treat them very lightly.And absolutely nothing!

After that, no matter how hormonal failures are the cause of all kinds of women's diseases?Failures in the hormonal background is necessary as it is possible to identify more quickly and, of course, to begin to heal.Believe me, it's just incredibly important for your well-being and health.

Causes hormonal failure

Causes hormonal disruptions

What is the cause of hormonal disruptions in women?In fact, several factors can be identified, but say exactly what led to the violations, the doctor can only.And after a full examination and study.

most common factors that cause hormonal disruptions can be called:

  • Transferred last infection.And those that are sexually transmitted (trichomoniasis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, syphilis, mycoplasmosis), and those that have absolutely nothing to do with sexual activity (angina, acute res
    piratory infections, and other infections that weaken the immune system).
  • Genetic predisposition .Or the so-called "defect" of the hormonal system.It is believed that this condition is quite difficult, from the treatment, because it requires a very detailed research and complex, and most importantly timely treatment.Usually, doctors recommend "sound the alarm" when there is a primary amenorrhoea - absence of menstruation for 15-16 years.
  • Violations endocrine system.They are the direct causes of the emergence of hormonal disruptions.What could it be?As the gastric gland and the thyroid, the adrenal gland.
  • operations in the abdominal area , especially operations in the female internal organs.Physicians believe that induced abortions are the most dangerous in this regard.After all, they are the strongest causes hormonal disruptions in women, and the result of this intervention can be complete infertility.
  • Some disease.Such as asthma, migraine, uterine myoma, atherosclerosis, breast cysts, polycystic ovaries.
  • Stress and depression.Did you know that nervous breakdowns - a common cause disruptions of hormones?And this is exactly why there is another reason to try less nervous.Of course, it's easy to offer, but how to perform such a task, especially in our difficult time.
  • periods in women's lives that entail a change in the hormonal background (adolescence - puberty, pregnancy and childbirth and then, a mature age - menopause).During such periods, hormonal failures are not uncommon.In some cases, such periods in a woman's life with their hormonal disruptions require additional treatment or adjustments.

symptoms of hormonal failure in women

symptoms of hormonal failure

symptoms of hormonal disruptions and disorders differ depending on the age at which at the time of their occurrence is a woman.After all, female reproductive system passes moments of formation, and thus each of the age groups should be considered separately and in detail.

Teenage girls

  1. If the girl is 16 years old and she still never was (were, but very irregular) menstruation.
  2. poorly developed breasts.
  3. excessive thinness, long, thin arms and legs.Weight, which reaches 48 kg.
  4. Excessive amount of hair on the body or the complete lack thereof.

Women of childbearing age

  1. Uterine bleeding.
  2. All kinds of menstrual disorders.These include both delay and too frequent menstruation, pain (and not only on the first day), on the contrary too scarce or heavy menstruation.
  3. Problems with reproductive functions.For example, miscarriages.The inability to get pregnant, frozen pregnancy.

women during pregnancy and childbirth

  1. during pregnancy: threatened miscarriage, bloody spotting, often resulting in pain in the abdomen.
  2. At birth: lack of labor, complications during childbirth.
  3. After birth: problems with milk, slow contraction of the uterus, and depression.

Women during menopause

This period in a woman's life can be called perhaps the most difficult.Because do not feel it, even the ladies who had absolutely no health problems.There are some signs of hormonal failure that must "send" you to the doctor:

  • very severe PMS symptoms (pain in the head, chest, joints, exacerbation of chronic disease a week before the moment when to begin menstruation);
  • constant fatigue, attention span, depression, apathy;
  • frequent waking up at about 4-5 am (time reduced production of hormones).

hormonal treatment failures

Once you pass all the examinations, ie ultrasound test for STDs and blood tests.Which shows the amount of certain hormones, the doctor will find out the reasons for and methods of treating your specific hormonal failure.

Maybe it will be hormonal tablets, treatment of infections, sexually transmitted infections, a certain diet, sometimes (in the most advanced cases) surgery: curettage of the uterus or laparoscopy.

most important can be called a treatment that women undergo during pregnancy and immediately after birth.Woman in a position to be in time to be registered in the antenatal clinic, the time to take all the necessary tests and time to inform your doctor about any changes in sensation.

If passed very complicated childbirth, or after they had complications, the woman should be under the supervision of a doctor and maybe undergo the necessary treatment.

Prevention hormonal disruptions

Everyone knows that prevention is much easier than to treat it.Therefore, women who do not want to know about what a hormonal disorder in women and have no problems with them, should as a preventive measure to do the following:

  • maintain their monthly calendar (optional);
  • to monitor any changes in menstrual flow;
  • not forget about preventive checkups at the gynecologist!Pass them need not less than 2 times a year, even if it seems to you that you do not bother.Unfortunately, there are many "female" diseases, which do not have any tangible symptoms from time to time, of course.

The most common treatment involves taking hormonal disruptions gormonosoderzhaschih drugs.Fortunately, today medicine has created a huge number of drugs, hormone dose which is not very high.So, this treatment only in rare cases, lead to adverse effects.

In addition, you can restore the hormonal balance using a fairly simple rules.

First, be sure to sharpen owl attention to what you eat.It is necessary to use the opportunity for only healthy food that is rich in vitamins and does not contain dyes and other unwanted substances.Include in your diet foods that contain vitamins, beta-carotene and zinc.Very useful for the purpose of cleansing once a week to arrange a fasting days (only juice or water).

Secondly, you can do acupressure.It is great to restore hormonal balance.So why not take advantage to negate all the effects of hormonal failure?