Treatment of mastitis folk remedies - folk remedies treatment of mastitis

Mastopatia benign diseases of the female breast, manifested in the abnormal growth of breast tissue.At the same time there is proliferation of glandular and connective tissue and the formation of cysts and seals.

This disease is called fibrocystic.Most often mastopathy affects women of childbearing age (25-45 years).There were cases when the disease is manifested in men, but they are rare.Symptoms of the disease

One of the signs of mastitis - the appearance of pain in the chest.While the nature of this pain can be quite different: a dull, aching, feeling of tightness, which is amplified before menstruation.Sometimes the pain is local, sometimes it gives to the arm or shoulder blade.

pain can occur as a constant, and with some frequency.But mainly it depends on the menstrual cycle.

Experts say that about 12 percent of all patients never felt any of mastitis symptoms, such as pain or discomfort in the chest.While at the medical examinations have revealed exactly the same changes as in p

atients experiencing pain.

Another sign of mastitis in breast tissue seal.Such seals are difficult to define the boundaries and fuzzy contours.

In addition, approximately 10% of women increased lymph nodes in the armpits.

Almost all women with mastopathy, noted an increase in breast volume.Moreover, the increase can be significant (10-15%).From the nipples appear allocation, which are brown, greenish, whitish or bloody color.Sometimes

mammary nodes may appear, with different sizes and sharp contours.Treatment of nodular mastopathy folk remedies - not the best solution.As often just need surgery for this disease course.


reasons leading to the development of mastitis can be called:

  1. diseases and disorders of the nervous system (neurosis, stress, depression);
  2. liver disease;
  3. thyroid disease;
  4. hormonal imbalance.
  5. heredity.This is one of the most important factors of occurrence of mastitis.So if your mother suffered from this disease, you it also can be transmitted by "inheritance".Therefore, do not neglect routine inspection at mamologa.
  6. Passion tan.Experts believe that excessive sunbathing can also be called the cause of the disease.At the same time it does not matter, you are sunbathing in a natural way, or visit the solarium.Hurt his chest you apply in both cases.

Do not worry!

Do not worry

course, speak well, but what about those who have confirmed bad diagnosis?

main thing is not to fall into hysteria and depression and, of course, do not expect the next stage - breast cancer.This is not true!According to scientists breast rarely degenerates into a malignant form.Moreover, the treatment is almost always leads to success.The main thing, as soon as possible to understand that you just breast.

It is very important that you start to follow a healthy lifestyle, have excluded alcohol and cigarettes, introduced proper nutrition.Moreover, in this mode you will have to live all my life, because, unfortunately, breast disease is a disease that can come back when you did not quite expect.In addition, treatment of mastitis folk remedies gives a very, very good results.

What use inside?

What used inside

Grass red brush.It can be called the most important herb for women and their health.Today find it there is no difficulty, but a couple of decades ago, it was known only experienced herbalists.

Red brush helps with fibroids, erosions, adnexitis, endometriosis and, of course, when mastitis.

This herb has a remarkable ability to regulate the thyroid gland and the entire hormonal system.Besides, it can eliminate the very reasons for the mastitis.

Buy it can be in two forms: on alcohol and skirmishing.You will need to choose what is more convenient in your specific case.The course of treatment is not less than six months, but it can after drinking red brush for prophylaxis.

This herb is very good for any kind of disease, so do not assume that treatment of fibrous mastopathy folk remedies - a waste of precious time.

burdock roots are known for their anti-tumor and (even!) Anti-cancer properties.On the backbone of this plant produce a very useful drug under the name "extract of burdock root."It is worth it, unfortunately, is not cheap, but do have their own health is the price?

can just brew of burdock roots and drink the broth during the day.To prepare it need only a tablespoon of roots.Just pour them a glass of boiling water and allow to infuse for about 30 minutes.

very effective and a fee: motherwort, yarrow and series.All the ingredients to take 2 tablespoons and pour 1 liter of boiling water, it is best to brew the infusion in a thermos.Let the grass stand up for about an hour, after which you can drink 200 ml before every meal.There are instances when women who are suffering mastopathy, drink this infusion instead of tea and the disease passed unnoticed.

Another great collection: mint leaves, valerian root, chamomile flowers, caraway fruit, fennel fruit.All ingredients are taken in equal proportions.

One tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew for half an hour.Drink half cup three times a day before meals.

This collection, among other things, well affects the stomach.

Next collection also proven itself very effective tool against mastitis.So, take equal parts of Helichrysum, rose hips, valerian root, striped, motherwort and oregano, the resulting mixture brew with boiling water and drink as a tea for two months.They need to do after the break, and then drink one more course.

useful recipe: Boil a glass of milk 2 tablespoons fennel seeds ordinary.Then let him stand up about two hours.Eat before meals for half a glass of infusion for three weeks.

What used outside?

What used outside

Again burdock, but now it leaves.Apply them at night to the chest, but do not forget to properly secure them.

Ingredients: castor oil, paste of fresh burdock reproaching, 100 grams of honey and the juice of two lemons.All components mix well and place on a linen napkin.It is then secured to the chest as reliable as you can.Conduct a "procedure" should be every day for 3 weeks.

Treatment of cabbage leaves are also great help for all varieties of the disease.Do not forget about the treatment of mastitis diffuse folk remedies.It is possible that you will not have to go through other procedures.

can simply apply to the place where you seal fresh cabbage (pre-lubricate the breast with butter).

can skip the cabbage and yogurt through a meat grinder and make the resulting mass of cake.Then put it in a linen napkin, and attach overnight to his chest.If you have the opportunity, you can wear cloth even during the day.

When mastitis is very well proven beet, mixed with honey.For the preparation of medicines: Grate fresh beets and add the honey.Then the resulting mass lay on a leaf of cabbage and attach it to the chest.It is believed that beet great resolves seal.

Vintage proven way - rye cakes.Cook can be this way: 3 tablespoons rye flour, mix with egg yolk and a tablespoon of honey.The resulting cake is necessary to apply to the chest every day for 3 weeks.